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Digital humanities: solutions at the intersection of computing, digitalization, and discipline of humanities.

Digital solutions for cultural, educational institutions and museums

Interactive maps

Interactive maps based on Google Maps or ArcGIS.

Interactive maps help:
Answer a historical question.
Analyze geography.
Digitize and structure the collection of historical maps, pictures, information.
Visualize historical data on historical events.
To build a relational database of historical facts or data.
Some of the projects with interactive maps we provided the digital solutions for:
Lviv Interactive
Lviv Streets
Lviv at Great
Kyiv - online map of the places of mass burials of Holodomor-genocide

Digital Archives

When creating solutions for archival collections, we use CollectiveAccess, an open-source system that helps cultural, historical or educationl institutions, museums, archives, and libraries organize and publish their archival collections.

CollectiveAccess provides the ability to use archival collections from any modern Internet browser, overcoming distances, bureaucratic obstacles, thereby digitalizing and preserving artifacts for the general public.

Key components of CollectiveAcces: Providence - a cataloging and data management system, Pawtucket - a "front-end" platform for publishing and displaying data that can be used as an option.

Based on the CollectiveAcces system for the Odesa Museum of Contemporary Art, we implemented art (co)archive – an online project aimed at providing open access to the archives and funds of museums, galleries and private collections dedicated to contemporary Ukrainian art.

Also, at the request of the Center for Urban History of Central and Eastern Europe, we are working on the technical part of the City Media Archive project. The City Media Archive consists of digitized or digitally created visual and audiovisual resources that depict the city and urban life of Central and Eastern Europe. This project is in the final stages of development.


Storytelling was invented and successfully tested by the personal experience of David Armstrong, chairman of Armstrong International. In developing his method, David Armstrong took into account a well-known psychological factor: stories are more expressive, fascinating, interesting, and easier to associate with personal experience than rules or directives. They are better remembered, they are given more importance and their influence on people's behavior is stronger.

The Kyiv Interactive project actively used storytelling, story maps and interactive maps to tell the stories about the life of Kyiv and Kyivans in the twentieth century.

Data visualization

Data visualization is a graphical representation of information and data. Using visual elements such as charts, graphs, and maps, data visualization tools provide an accessible way to see and understand trends, formats, and data structures. Thanks to the data visualization, you can concisely represent in the image the data that in the text equivalent will take more than one paragraph.

Also, well and correctly created data visualization helps to present information and large data structures so that it is easy to read and perceive, as opposed to the same information presented in a text or table - then this information could simply not attract attention.

The most common ways to visualize data:
interactive storytelling
maps and cartograms


Gamification is the use of gaming practices and mechanisms in a non-gaming context to engage end-users in problem-solving. Gamification has been explored in several areas, including customer engagement, exercise, return on investment, data quality, punctuality, and learning.

Methods of gamification have become widespread in education. Game elements are also actively used for marketing, becoming viral elements that evoke positive emotions of joy, capture, attract attention, and encourage users to share the Internet resource with others, thus spreading information about the institution or company to the general public. As in the case of the City Museum, for which we developed an online quiz

When creating the project LIVE (through) the 1990s, - an educational platform about the 1990s in Lviv, the creators of the project were guided by the idea of creating a resource where it would be "More interesting than in the textbook": we want to provide bare textbook facts and events with a human face, to show that history is not black and white, but a variety of stories and events.”

Gamification is also widely used in marketing. More than 70% of Forbes Global 2000 companies surveyed in 2013 said they plan to use gamification for marketing and customer retention.

Gamification is also used in customer loyalty programs.

Accessibility. WCAG 2.0.

Accessibility of Internet resources is a common practice to prevent the absence of barriers to interaction or access to websites by people with disabilities, situational constraints, and socioeconomic constraints on bandwidth and speed. When websites are properly designed or edited, usually all users have equal access to the information and functionality of the site.

The newly developed by siteGist team website for the University of Alberta and The Holodomor Research and Education Consortium (HREC) was created with international inclusion standards WCAG 2.0 in mind. And according to Lighthouse testing, tools for Web Developers, this site received 96 points out of 100 for accessibility.

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