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PWA - Progressive web applications

Progressive web applications - web applications that are regular web page or website, but can appear to the user like traditional application or native mobile applications.

Main facts for progressive web applications:
Latest web technologies. Progressive Web Applications (PWA) were defined by Google engineer Alex Russell in June 2015.
Web technologies with native-like user experience. Progressive web apps started as tabs in Chrome. They were actually regular websites, but they combined features offered by most modern browsers with the benefits of a mobile experience.
Searchable and Linkable.Progressive web apps are a combination of URLs and links, something that is very important for search engines and bots.
Adaptive. Progressive web apps fit all screens: computers, tabs, and mobile.
Offline accessibility and fast speed. PUpdated with the help of “Service Workers”. Progressive web apps are fast and smooth with no jumping.
Safe. Uses TLS service.
Uses push notifications.

Hybrid mobile applications

Hybrid mobile applications combine the stability of native mobile applications with the benefits of web applications. Hybrid applications are actually web applications wrapped in a native shell. This means the main structure of the hybrid application is native and content is placed in the web application. This is why hybrid applications are like native applications with an integrated internet browser in it.

5 advantages of Hybrid Apps:
One codebase. Hybrid apps have only one codebase to manage.
Saves time and money. For one codebase, you need fewer developers and less time.
Access to device features.
Can work offline.
Can be downloaded from Google Play or app store.

Native mobile applications for iOS and Android

Native applications are built on the programming language used by specific platforms: object-oriented C for iOS and Java for Android. As a result, these mobile applications can use all the functions of a native mobile platform, such as GPS, access to file systems, or simple interface elements. The other benefit is that such application have good UX, are stable and are only related to one platform.

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