King Cross Leopolis

Custom website with web applications for shopping mall
  • Technologies: HTML/CSS, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, siteGist CMS.
  • Date of realization: 2016-2017
  • Country: Ukraine
  • Industry: Shopping mall
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Project goals:

  • UX/UI design for a custom website
  • UX/UI design for a mobile application
  • Create a custom website with information about brands, shops, and possibilities to eat and relax
  • Program an interactive online map of the shopping mall
  • Implement the website as a marketing tool for lead generation of possible clients or tenants at the mall
  • Implement marketing for the KingCross shopping mall as a brand and place to rest and shop with family and friends
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Achieved goals:

We created UX/UI desing, developed website and implemented internet marketing strategy. As a result, the number of visitors to the shopping mall is constantly growing and has reached 10 million people per year. The Facebook audience has grown to more than 29k followers.

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Created UX/UI design for mobile applications for iOS and Android

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  • Programmed Front-end and Back-end for website

  • Developed tools for database lead generation

  • Internet marketing support for KingCross shopping mall, including SEO, SMM, e-mail marketing, as a result more than 29k followers at Facebook

  • Programmed web application for mobile application

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The siteGist team continues to provide technical and marketing support and development to the KingCross project.


Mobile application for iOS and Android

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Our clients

Some of the amazing brands and clients we work with

  • Idea Bank
  • Київська Школа Економіки
  • King Cross Leopolis shopping mall
  • Center for Urban History of East Central Europe
  • Leomoda shoe producer
  • Lviv handmade chocolate
  • logo clients
  • Communitri

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