‘Ecce Homo’ web app for Sheptytsky Center, UCU

custom web application

  • Technologies: HTML/CSS, jQuery, MySQL, PHP, Laravel
  • Date of realization: August 2017
  • Country: Ukraine
  • Industry: e-learning, education, culture, history.
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Project goals:

  • To create UX/UI design of custom web application for HD touch screen (1920x1080 full screen mode)
  • To program custom web application
  • To make web application responsive for mobile phone and tablets
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Interactive touch panels presented at the exhibition

Sheptytsky Center

Web application for HD screen

Achieved results:

  • Conducted Technical Requirements Analysis
  • Created UX/UI design for full HD screens
  • Created UX/UI design for responsive web application
  • Programmed Back-end and front-end of web application
  • Installed and launched at HD panels
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Responsive web application

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